About Me



Starting from basic mock-up website design to dynamic content display, I focus on making websites that are interactve with the user and easily manageable by the website owner without need for technical knowledge.

Educational Background

Graduated highschool in Vancouver, Canada, and then took one year of busines at University of British Columbia in 2008. Afterwards, I worked on various part-time jobs before deciding to go into web deveolopment. I have been studying the basics of web development for about a year since late 2009, and have studied by choosing my own books, videos, and numerous online resources to learn from.

Proficient Softwares & Languages

XHTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop CS4.

Others: phpbb3 forums

Current Availability

I am currently available so feel free to contact me using the contact form below. Emails are forwarded to .

3rd Portfolio Website


This website was for a client who runs a restaurant business and wanted to increase her online profile. To save costs and deliver under a budget, I found a free photoshop template from Free Templates Online, modified it a bit myself, and then added in the content my client gave me with custom formatting. I also wrote a small php script to handle e-mail because the client wanted an online order page. At the end, I gave her a brief tutorial on how to increase her search rankings through google and added a Facebook Like Button to her website as well.

XHTML, CSS, PHP, Photoshop CS4

3rd Portfolio Website


Smart Pics Media is an innovative, digital photobooth company and needed me to write up the front-end code for their new company website. Apart from writing validated css and html code (css and html from the imported lightbox application does not validate completely) that worked seamlessly all the way down to Internet Explorer 6, I implemented a lightbox application called PrettyPhoto and also handcoded a customized carousel application as there weren't any open source options that were suitable.

XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

3rd Portfolio Website


Over the course of several months I have made several video tutorials from time to time teaching various coding methods and basic software development and have uploaded them on my youtube channel along with a separate forum that I have set up to make all of my codes publicly available for free. You can see firsthand how I code and my skill level to determine whether my services are suitable for your needs. The download links for my handwritten codes are in the description box of each video.

XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

2nd Portfolio Website


All of the design was done from ground up in Photoshop CS4, handcoded in XHTML and CSS, and a custom coded content management system in PHP was created to help the website owner more easily update the sites content on the go. A registration form was also made in which people could submit information about themselves and save it in the MySQLs database.

Photoshop CS4, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

1st Portfolio Website


A static website displaying content created all from scratch using Photoshop CS4, and handcoded with XHTML and CSS. A small bit of javascript was used to display the clock with custom made images.

Photoshop CS4, XHTML, CSS, Javascript